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Life in the Old Folks Prison

There is one thing about living in a nursing home that I don't understand ?? Why is it we pay them but they expect us to take their orders ?? I was taught the customer was always right especially when I'm paying over $5000.00 a month ? Times may change but shouldn't standards remain and shouldn't people care about people. They talk about family caring for family but all I've experienced is staff trying to shove you into your bed to get you out of their way . Why is this can't they figure a way to do what they need to do while I'm in my wheelchair ? I just don't understand. They say because of hepa that I can't have a friend to talk to about anything but they have the right to talk about my case to others themselves. I'm 43 yrs old and they are dictating to me ? What are they afraid of someone being aware of them not doing their job ? This is sad for sure.

4 Responses to “Life in the Old Folks Prison”

  1. pjknable21 Says:

    Those people are workers on a 9-5 pace just like everyone else. I’m sure they have their own lives and their own families they would rather spend time on/with instead of taking care of every facet of just some old person’s life. Now this doesn’t entitle them to disregard your life or place it below their own, but you have to realize not everyone is perfect and if the care you’re receiving does not meet your expectations then why not simply move out of that particular care unit and find someplace better? Or make a complaint. Complain until something changes for the better. Maybe they’ll fire some of those rude people.

  2. kruptedarcher Says:


    You’re kidding right? If I was paying 5K a month, I’d be damn livid and pissed! If the employees can’t do their job they they can go and get another job. Taking care of these people IS their job and they are expected to do it, after all, they’ve been paid already. I am an entrepreneur and I own and operate an IT service business. if I did that to my customers, I would be sued for non-performance in no time flat. Accept nothing less than what you feel you should be receiving.

  3. stars1030 Says:

    I recently did clinicals in a nursing home earlier this month… I was disappointed at the quality of care given by most aides :(
    There are far too many factors effecting everything you are saying, but I think that the people should speak up and voice their frustrations and their concerns as high up the chain of command as they can go, or nothing will change.
    For the level of work an STNA is expected to do, proportionate to the general society, their pay is pretty darn low…. this creates some static in the work environment.. Then there’s the fact that most nursing homes are horribly under-staffed in regards to the people actually doing the hands-on stuff [the STNA’s]
    A lot of people treat it just as a job that needs done, without regard for the human element… the fact that these are people’s lives, whose livelihood has mostly already been taken away from them by ending up in a place they already do not want to be, and paying unthinkable amounts for care that is only mediocre.
    The whole system is a poor one… And I don’t think the first responder above really has a good grounds for understanding the issues at hand here…

    And finally I’d like to say, maybe so these STNA’s have lives and family and etc. that they are worrying about, and don’t want to care for other people’s needs….. Then.. they should GET ANOTHER JOB. doing that work IS their job, they chose to do so…. And if it’s a person who is pre occupied with their own needs and desires, then they don’t have the heart to be in that work environment in the first place.

    Anyway, back to what I was saying initially… complain complain complain!!!!! Not to the STNA, Find your ombudsman. Keep going up the chain, talk to your state department of health if the ombudsman cannot satisfy this.
    This is unacceptable, and you are speaking for people across the country, many of whom cannot speak for themselves, and it breaks my heart to see it happen.

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