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Life in the Old Folks Prison

There is one thing about living in a nursing home that I don't understand ?? Why is it we pay them but they expect us to take their orders ?? I was taught the customer was always right especially when I'm paying over $5000.00 a month ? Times may change but shouldn't standards remain and shouldn't people care about people. They talk about family caring for family but all I've experienced is staff trying to shove you into your bed to get you out of their way . Why is this can't they figure a way to do what they need to do while I'm in my wheelchair ? I just don't understand. They say because of hepa that I can't have a friend to talk to about anything but they have the right to talk about my case to others themselves. I'm 43 yrs old and they are dictating to me ? What are they afraid of someone being aware of them not doing their job ? This is sad for sure.

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