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Gentleman in waiting

cThis might appear to be strange blog, but I am. I am waiting to find a woman and form a relationship and begin a family. I keep trying and trying, and trying, and will continue until the day I die. I've learned to expect the worst of things being handicapped and all. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'll keep trying as Yogi says "it's not over until it's over " . I'll keep trying until it's over until then I'll just dream so please leave me that much.

One Response to “Gentleman in waiting”

  1. moontalker Says:

    Who ever tells you to stop or that it is not worth it is a lonly person themselves. i am not handicapped but i have faced the same problems you are facing… infact i still am. i hope that you finde a wonderfull woman and begin that family you deserve, just as any one on this earth does. I am wiccan and this is my “Handicap” but i dont let it be. i use it to show just who i am and, to be honnest i dont care what other people think. so i offer a prayr of hope in your way. Dont give up! :)

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