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allieg1941   (open in a new window)

Looking for soul mate

72 years old | Gladwin, Michigan

Last time online: Within 1 week

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paris123   (open in a new window)

decent but loney guy seeking love

hi my names Paris Peonides I'm 23 and go to uni, i am currently living in kent. I keep my self busy with my hobbies and interests. Always looking to move, I like to travel. I'm willing to relocate for the right person. I'm a Gemini and I don't normally believe what the horoscopes have to say but the general description of a Gemini's personalty is pretty spot on. peace & love are the basis of my da... ...

23 years old | United Kingdom, Aberdeen

Last time online: Within 1 week

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godstruthalways   (open in a new window)

Who want a wonderful life WITHOUT children!!!?

I know what I am looking for i a young lady. It is a fact that I am a conservaitve Evangelical. So that makes it VERY hard to come across a young lady for a good relationship. Sadly MOST christians think that they HAVE TO have children. It would be awesome to have a relationship with a young lady who is kind, slim and understanding and wants a child-free marriage some day. I know what I wan... ...

34 years old | San Antonio, Texas

Last time online: Within 1 week

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angel5782   (open in a new window)

lonely, divorced, positive

I have lots of passion in me but no one to share it with. ...

32 years old | Mariners Harbor, New York

Last time online: Within 1 week

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cango99   (open in a new window)

Would Like to meet my Wife

I'm a positive progressive Muslim man wis seeking to marry his other half. I pray 5 times a day mostly in congregation observe the 5 pillars and six articles of faith and follow the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH the way his companions understood it. I've been gainfully employed for the last 17 years and I strive to please Allah SWT and be best to my wife to be as the Prophet PBUH was to hi... ...

50 years old | Plainville, Connecticut

Last time online: Within 1 week

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bentley60   (open in a new window)

Searching for my Best Friend

66 years old | Greensboro, North Carolina

Last time online: Within 1 week

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bbwtrucker4u   (open in a new window)

Seeking something different

I am looking for a driver (obviously)-lol, someone who has a great sense of humor, maybe a little romantic, someone who enjoys doing things together either out of the house or indoors, i love a man with a nice smile and pretty eyes *smile*, someone non judgemental, someone who can and will accept me for me as i am now and he has to be a big girl lover!!!! hopefully he will enjoy some of the things... ...

37 years old | Stockton,

Last time online: Within 1 week

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bmorechillin2   (open in a new window)

everybody need somebody to talk too.

48 years old | Abell, Maryland

Last time online: Within 1 week

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1dragon   (open in a new window)

1 special Lady for LTR.

I` m a d/w/m 48/yo 5`9 158/lb short brown hair w/sky blue eyes this country boy lives in griffin GA. some of my vast like`s and pastimes are taking walks in the park/woods. carving walking sticks/planting and working in camping/fishing.(at places like high falls/coleman river/indian springs.) reading a good book(the mist of avalon)/watching a good movie(X~Men/green mile/destry rides ag... ...

47 years old | Sunny Side, Georgia

Last time online: Within 1 week

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drjohn3   (open in a new window)

On the Road to Find Out

I prefer a female partner who, is, also, open to diversity and learning. I am searching for a mate who, is, open to, not only, the exploration of our relationship but, that she will, also, wish to and, be an active participant while, also finding pleasure in, the thorough, exploration of, both of, our bodies, minds and, spirits. ...

64 years old | Springfield, Missouri

Last time online: Within 1 week

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