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candett   (open in a new window)

Looking for that masculine man or feminine ts.
Hi my name is Candett your T-Girl, you can call me Candice. I want to be your perfect woman-Ladyboy-lover. Looking for any color or race. You don't have to be handsome or pretty. I am looking for that special one who wants to feel special, loved and pampered who will guide me in my transformation. I am romantic, clean, caring,clean and trusting person. ...

59 years old | Houston, TX, USA

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thatoneguy828   (open in a new window)

That's an awfully broad question..check my other sites pages?

20 years old | Mason, MI, USA

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drmmr2loud4u   (open in a new window)

New here
Looking for that special girl for a sincerely passionate relationship.

49 years old | Lewisville, TX, USA

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blznskies   (open in a new window)

Be Brave, I dare YOU ........

42 years old | A Country Place, VA, USA

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ed7419564u   (open in a new window)

Actions speak louder than words....
What I cant figure out is why none of you women aren't emailing me,are you all talk but no action,talk is cheap,ACTIONS speak louder,words are just words.....I'm not into games especially long waiting games,if your into waiting games try somebody else.Check out all my sites listed & check out the forum section also on another one of my sites.I want to have relationships wit...

57 years old | Colorado City, AZ, USA

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lor   (open in a new window)

53 years old | Glen Ellyn, IL, USA

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maskedmaverick   (open in a new window)

What to write...
I am not great at writing these extensive descriptions of myself. I like the outdoors and am quite active. I play sports such as Cricket, Rugby and Football(the one played with you feet). Some of my hobbies include Mountain Climbing and Photography. I like reading books on History and Culture and am addicted to BBC4. I am pretty open minded and and like interacting with people of ot...

26 years old | City of London, United Kingdom

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musicaled   (open in a new window)

I am a complicated person
Intellectual, musical, shy, unusual sense of humour. I am not saying too much here except to say I am well-educated and have a professional occupation.

49 years old | Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

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xpaul54x   (open in a new window)

Own the day
HI there I am a 53 year young man,divorced and have been for many years now so very single. I consider myself to be an honest guy with a good heart and a gentle soul. I am fun loving, adventurous and very open minded kind of guy. Looking for friendships from around the globe. I am looking for like minded friendships rom around the globe.

53 years old | Northenden, United Kingdom

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bsf07goldwing   (open in a new window)

48 years old | Brandon, SD, USA

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